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Companion Animal Bereavement Counselling (Level 2)
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Course Summary:

This course – based on detailed research into pet bereavement – has been carefully designed to equip those working in places where pets must be euthanised, with the skills and knowledge needed to relieve the distress of owners.

Careers in animal care will inevitably bring you into close contact with those who’ve loved and lost a pet. They include veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, pet behaviourists, obedience trainers, boarding kennel owners and receptionists and pet shop staff.

Taking this course will enable you to help those people, and their pets, to cope with the effects of bereavement.

You will also complete a Special Study on a topic of your choice, relevant to the course.

We send your first unit upon enrolment, so you can start whenever you want, and progress through the course at your own pace, studying when and where you choose.

Our Support Promise:

You can phone or email your tutor at any point during your course – to ask questions, for advice, encouragement or to draw on their wealth of

You can also contact the support team who are here to help you Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

What you will Learn

Unit 1

  • The human/animal relationship
  • Euthanasia
  • Natural death
  • Disposal and euphemisms

Unit 2

  • The effects of pet loss
  • The attitudes of others
  • The special problems associated with elderly owners and with children
  • Displacement
  • Grieving
  • The importance of ceremony and coping with other animals who may pine

Unit 3

  • Replacement animals
  • The need for mementos
  • The role of veterinary surgeons and other professionals
  • The role of counsellors

You will also complete a Special Study on a topic of your choice, relevant to the course.