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Behavioural Modification for Professionals (Level 3)
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Course Summary:

This course has been designed to help those working with dogs to understand, respond to and modify canine behaviour. Students will cover a range of internal and external stimuli capable of influencing a dog’s behaviour, from diet to environment, in order to understand how best to engage with and alter the way they behave.

This course is essential for any canine care professional, and would be of particular practical use to veterinary nurses and receptionists, dog wardens, rescue centre staff, groomers, instructors.

You will also complete a Special Study on a topic of your choice, relevant to the course.

We send your first unit upon enrolment, so you can start whenever you want, and progress through the course at your own pace, studying when and where you choose.

Our Support Promise:

You can phone or email your tutor at any point during your course – to ask questions, for advice, encouragement or to draw on their wealth of

You can also contact the support team who are here to help you Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

What you will Learn

Unit 1

Understanding the dog:

  • The natural behaviours of dogs
  • The effects of socialisation
  • How dogs learn
  • Modern lifestyle and its effects on behaviour
  • Up to date training methods

Unit 2 

Diet, health and behaviour:

  • The dog’s nutritional needs
  • How diet affects behaviour
  • Different feeding methods
  • Making changes and monitoring effects
  • Health and behavioural changes
  • Neutering and its effects on behaviour

Unit 3

Other influences on behaviour:

  • Stress and its effects
  • Physiological and temperament changes in dogs in a confined environment
  • Owner misconceptions
  • Breakdowns in communication between owner and dog
  • Poisonous foods
  • Need for exercise
  • Suitable toys

Unit 4 

Behaviour problems and their modification:

  • Assessing the problem
  • Common behavioural problems and techniques for modification
  • Monitoring progress, relationships with owners and other professionals
  • Recognising personal limitations

You will also complete a Special Study on a topic of your choice, relevant to the course.